Summer is here and that means it is time to start planning your next family vacation to the wonderful island of Maui. Home to a large dormant volcano, the popular Molokini crater, Road to Hana, miles of white beaches and more, it’s no wonder why the Valley Isle is the desired destination for so many who are looking for a true adventure in Hawaii.

While Maui is a wonderful choice for your next summer vacation, you are probably wondering what you should expect before packing your bags and heading out to this little island paradise in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. If you are looking for some insight on how to get the most out of your next holiday getaway, then here are a few helpful tips that will surely assist you along the way.

Respect the Locals and Live with Aloha
Yes, it is paradise and that means things are a little different on Maui. Everyone is island time meaning that no one is in a rush, so there are no honking horns and it is typical to smile as you pass a stranger. We suggest you adopt this type of mentality before heading to the island so you can enjoy the aloha lifestyle firsthand. As we say in the islands, “one-speed brah!” That means slow down, relax, try not to get ahead of yourself and just enjoy the scenery.

Book Tours Ahead of Time
While there are plenty of white sandy beaches to enjoy, you don’t want to come all the way to Maui and miss out on the opportunity to fly in a helicopter to the island of Molokai or take a boat out for the day to see Lanai. Maui is full of so many adventure tours you just have to plan ahead. If you are interested in seeing what kind of tour options are available, then please, by all means, check out our in-house concierge. Here you can book everything from zipline tours to ATV tours, paddle boarding and more. Get the most out of your vacation by taking the whole family out on a wild and exciting adventure!

Find a Discount on a Rental. They’re Out There!
This is possibly the best tip we could give you. While staying in a fancy resort may sound appealing, it may really put an unnecessary damper on your wallet. Why spend your money on a hotel room when you could book a whole condo for cheaper and have access to a pool, BBQ, full kitchen and more? Save your money for shopping and tours and choose a cheaper Maui condo rental instead. We have plenty of discount specials on vacation rentals to choose from too so keep an eye out and prepare to jump on a great deal when you see one.

Those are some of our most thoughtful and helpful tips to help you with your next trip to Maui. We hope you take our word for it and take advantage of the slow-paced lifestyle, the exciting tour options on island, and discounts on vacation rentals for your next stay in Maui. If you have any questions about the information we listed above or are interested in hearing more about what vacation rentals are available in South Maui, then contact us today. We hope to see you soon. Aloha!