Visiting Hana is a must for anyone looking to explore the beauty and culture of Hawaii. From its stunning beaches and lush rainforests to its small-town charm and unique blend of Hawaiian, Asian, and Polynesian influences, Hana has something for everyone. When staying in one of our vacation rentals, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

The most important thing to remember is that it takes some time to get here — the drive from Kahului is over two hours long! Be sure to bring plenty of water and snacks for a safe Maui journey. Make sure to also dress appropriately for the weather; even in sunny Hana, temperatures can drop at night so bring a hoodie or light jacket just in case!

Finally, don’t miss out on all that Hana has to offer! Remember to spend some time exploring the town of Hana itself; wander through downtown streets lined with colorful local shops or visit one of the charming cafes or restaurants located around town. There’s no better way to feel like a local than by enjoying all that Hana has to offer!


Hana is a small town located on the eastern coast of Maui, Hawaii. It is nestled between lush tropical rainforests and beautiful blue waters. Hana offers visitors a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of other parts of the island. With its vast array of natural beauty and activities, Hana becomes an ideal destination for people looking to explore the various attractions that Maui has to offer.

Hana’s location makes it one of the most scenic spots in all of Hawaii. Its remote location ensures that visitors can enjoy pristine beaches, secluded waterfalls, and breathtaking sunsets along with plenty of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, swimming, and hiking without feeling overwhelmed by crowds. It may be far from some vacation rentals, but the drive is worth all the time.

In addition to its dazzling scenery, Hana boasts several other attractions such as charming restaurants offering local delicacies and historical landmarks providing insight into Hawaiian culture. The area also offers some incredible opportunities for relaxation with its tranquil day spas and breathtaking resorts overlooking the turquoise blue sea or lush jungle views. All in all, Hana provides a perfect blend of exciting activities along with plenty of chances to kick back and relax while taking in some amazing sights.

Transportation Options

One of the best ways to get to Hana is by car. Renting a car gives visitors the flexibility to explore the town and surrounding areas at their own pace, one of the best things to do with your feet on the ground. Most rental companies provide vehicles appropriate for navigating winding roads and there are plenty of scenic routes one can take while driving to Hana.

For those looking for an easier way to get around, bus tours are also available that include guided sightseeing tours. The buses are comfortable, and air-conditioned, and provide plenty of legroom for a relaxing journey along with some stunning views of Maui’s pristine landscapes.

Those seeking an unforgettable adventure may want to schedule a helicopter tour that flies over beautiful beaches, lush valleys, and stunning waterfalls while taking in spectacular aerial views of Maui’s coastline. Helicopter tours provide a unique and thrilling experience that allows visitors to see places they would not be able to reach on foot or by vehicle, and an unforgettable romantic experience.


Visiting Hana offers a wide range of accommodations to suit every need and budget. For those looking for luxury, Kihei is one of the top resorts in the area with breathtaking views of both ocean and mountain. The resort has spacious rooms, outdoor pools, and stunning terraces that overlook the ocean.

For those who are looking for something a bit more modern, Wailea offers an array of cabins, cottages, and bungalows that come complete with outdoor barbecues and fully-equipped kitchens. For those hoping to experience a truly unique stay, there are several bed & breakfasts located in the area as well.


Visiting Hana is an amazing experience that offers a variety of activities that you can’t miss. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an adventure in the rainforest, Hana has something to offer everyone. One of the most popular activities in Hana is taking a Road to Hana tour. These tours take visitors on a scenic drive along the winding roads of Maui’s coast, with breathtaking views of tropical waterfalls, rainforests, and black sand beaches. Along the way, visitors can stop at various points of interest such as Hoaloha Jeep Adventures and Maui Off-Road Adventures.

For those looking for a more immersive experience, there are plenty of guided hikes available in Hana. Epic Maui Hikes offers guided hikes through lush rainforests and stunning waterfalls, while Ride My Jeep Maui takes visitors on an off-road jeep tour through some of the most remote parts of Maui. For those who want to explore further, Valley Isle Excursions offers full-day tours that include stops at various points of interest along the way.

No matter what type of activity you’re looking for, there’s something for everyone in Hana. From relaxing days spent lounging on the beach to thrilling adventures exploring hidden gems, Hana has it all! So come visit and let us take the wheel as you take in all that this beautiful place has to offer!

Food & Drink

Visiting Hana is a great opportunity to sample delicious Hawaiian cuisine, from local favorites like plate lunches and poke bowls to refreshing island drinks. When it comes to food, Hana has plenty of options. For breakfast, check out South Shore Grindz Eatery for mouth-watering Mahis and fresh-baked pastries.

Nearby Hana Bay Market serves up hearty, homestyle meals like fried chicken and macaroni salad — perfect for a quick lunch or dinner while exploring the town of Hana. Throughout the day, snack on freshly-caught seafood at roadside stands such as Hana Ocean Seafoods or try local favorites like shaved ice and poi at roadside eateries like Coconut Glenn’s Shave Ice. Hana also offers a selection of unique drinks that are perfect for cooling down in the heat of the tropical sun. Island Slushy is a favorite for those craving something sweet with flavors like guava lemonade, passion fruit mango, and pineapple orange.

For something with an added kick, try a Humpback IPA from Kohola Brewery or one of Hawaii Brewing Company’s craft beers featuring locally-grown ingredients. Of course, no visit to Hawaii is complete without sampling some of the delicious wines produced by Haleakala Winery or MauiWine’s Ulupalakua Vineyards. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to food and drink in Hana, you’ll certainly find something that will tantalize your taste buds!

Visiting Hana is a unique and unforgettable experience that offers something for everyone. From its breathtaking scenery to its rich cultural heritage, there’s no place like it in the world! Before visiting, make sure you bring plenty of water and snacks for the long drive from Kahului, as well as something to keep you warm at night. And don’t forget to explore the town itself; take some time to wander around downtown and get lost in the charm and beauty of Hana. You won’t regret spending some time here!