The Waihou Spring Trail is a great hike for the entire family. The trail is located upcountry in Olinda. It is 1.4 miles long and starts at an elevation of 3,820 feet.

This trail is part of the Waihou Spring Forest Reserve. The trail loops through an incredible 186-acre pine forest.Monterey cypress and eucalyptus can be seen along the trail, in addition to native species such asalaa, halapepe and koa.

The Waihou Spring Trail can be approached as an easy stroll in the pine forest if you skip the last part of the hike, which is a steep downhill walk into a ravine. The downhill walk is short, but can be challenging if you’re out of shape. At the end of the trail, you’ll see some amazing caves, lava tubes and waterfalls.

From Rentals Maui properties on the south side, the drive to Olinda in Makawao will be approximately 40-50 minutes. Olinda is famous for its natural beauty and picturesque landscapes. As you can imagine, the drive upcountry is amazing! It may also be a welcome reprieve for the sunburnt. The weather is typically several degrees cooler than in Kihei town.

This hike is best in the morning or as a pre-lunch workout. Parking is available directly outside the gate on Olinda Road. The trail is lightly trafficked so there’s no need to worry about overcrowding. The trail is pet friendly and you’ll likely see locals walking their dogs.Closed toed shoes are a must as there are many sticks and shrubs on the trail.

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