With summer vacation season in full swing, you are probably busy counting down the days until you can finally sit back in a beach chair and unwind with a mai tai while the sun sets on the Pacific Ocean. But first, you will need to find that perfect South Maui vacation rental for you and your family to thoroughly enjoy paradise. Well, if you are picking your brain and scrolling through every vacation special trying to find the ideal location for your trip, relax a little and let us help you narrow your search by encouraging you to skip the stress and go for the beachfront vacation rental you know you’re going to love!

When it comes to Maui vacations, we know that some are better than others. Sure, you could try and cut some corners and book a cheaper stay at a rental that comes with a garden view, or you could just go for what your heart really longs for and that’s to walk out on your lanai every morning to watch the surf come in and to fall asleep each night to the sound of waves. Here’s our list of the top five reasons you will want to book an oceanfront condo for rent as soon as possible.

The Sounds

Imagine going to bed each night to the sound of ocean waves gently crashing on the beach? If you have been longing to relax, then nothing will help you relax quite like drifting asleep to the sound of the ocean. And as if it couldn’t get any better, imagine what waking up to the rustling of coconut palms swaying in the cool breeze!

The Views

Some vacationers might like to move a lot, while others just want to kick back and relax. Relaxing on Maui is really what it is all about and of course you are still going to want to get to the beach and get that ocean view from time to time. But when you book a beachfront condo for rent, you won’t have to travel at all to get that ocean view. It’s right there waiting for you every morning.

The Convenience

Instead of having to move around to get glimpses of whales and other marine wildlife, you’ll be right by all that and more with an oceanfront rental. Lugging your beach gear around can become an added chore that you don’t need on your vacation. So why make things harder for yourself when you can have the convenience of an oceanfront rental.

The Privacy

Ah, privacy. When you have an oceanfront rental, you won’t have to worry about hearing cars in the parking lot or people walking in front of your window. All you have to do is take in the view.

The Price is Worth IT!

Perhaps you’re worried that renting a beachfront rental will end up costing you a lot in the long run, but when it comes to being on vacation why yourself limit? You’re already spending the money on a ticket to get here; you might as well make it worth it. And the only way to get the most out of your Hawaii dream vacation is to see the beach every day. And with a beachfront rental, you can do just that.

We hope you book your next stay at a beachfront rental. Have a great week and let us know if you need helping planing your upcoming trip. A hui hou!