The year 2020, which has been extremely challenging for everyone, is finally drawing to a close. But despite the challenges, we all have managed to live through different routines, such as practicing social distancing, regular hand washing, and celebrating remotely during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

As we get ready to welcome the new year, the threat of Covid-19 still lingers. To ensure a Covid-safe celebration, the CDC has recently released its official holiday guidelines. These include advising everyone to limit gatherings and to celebrate at home. But this does not mean your New Year celebration will be boring. There are many fun and creative ways to end 2020 while staying safe. Booking a vacation rental in Maui is one of them. To ensure a safe celebration, here are Covid-safe ways to celebrate New Year while confined in your cozy Maui apartment.

Celebrate with People You Live With

The health and safety of everyone should be a priority when celebrating New Year’s Eve because of how easily the Covid-19 virus can spread, and how dangerous it can be for some vulnerable individuals. Therefore, the safest way to celebrate is with your immediate family members or with the people you live with. Even if you are celebrating at a hotel or a vacation rental, you should still choose to celebrate it with people who are living with you at home.

The CDC suggested that holiday celebrations should only include groups of people belonging to the same household. This includes family members who live in the same home and roommates. College students and other family members who are coming home for the holidays are considered a different household. They may be a family member, but since they came from another place, there’s a risk that they could bring the virus with them.

Celebrate Virtually

If a family member cannot join your Hawaii vacation celebration since they live in a different place, your best bet is to celebrate virtually. What’s great about booking a Maui vacation rental is that the properties are complete with amenities, including a stable Wi-Fi connection. So take advantage of this by calling your friends and family from around the world using apps like FaceTime, Google Meet, and Zoom.

There are many ways in which you can celebrate virtually. You can host virtual baking parties, exchange gifts, watch holiday movies together, or simply chat with each other to exchange wishes and share happy thoughts. Send out your invitation as early as possible to ensure that everyone will be able to attend your virtual celebration.

Celebrate Outdoors

Small gatherings outdoors are safe for as long as you maintain an appropriate distance from each other, and you limit contact with people outside of your group. Celebrating outdoors is safer because the virus is primarily spread through contacts from person to person. It can be passed on through coughing, talking, sneezing, and speaking. Enclosed spaces with poor ventilation are especially dangerous since the virus can spread through aerosols and droplets that would linger in the air for several minutes.

If you want to celebrate New Year outdoors on your vacation in Maui, look for vacation rentals that come with their own outdoor amenities like BBQ grills, hot tubs, and pools. It is much safer than staying in hotels where you have to share some amenities with other guests. Look for properties that open to the gorgeous ocean views, such as those properties close to Waiohuli Beach, so you can still enjoy the outdoor views without having to leave the property.

Prepare Healthy Foods

Of course, your New Year celebration won’t be complete without the food. Besides, holiday celebrations are all about sharing delicious meals with the family. But do your best to prepare healthy and nourishing meals, which is extremely important during this pandemic. Having a healthy immune system is your best defense against the virus. So if you are in charge of preparing the menu for your New Year celebration, make sure you include as many healthy dishes as possible. Thankfully, most of the vacation rentals in Maui have a kitchen with cooking facilities, so this should be easy.

If you do not have time to cook, then worry not, because many restaurants in South Maui serve delicious and healthy dishes. Most of these restaurants are open for take-out and delivery. For instance, the upscale Four Seasons Resort in Maui at Wailea is home to several outstanding restaurants that offer vegan and gluten-free dishes prepared by a professional dietitian and chef. Some of the most popular dishes on the menu include kale salad, chia pudding, and green juice. When morning comes, order your breakfast from the Brekkie Bowls. This cute wooden food truck serves delicious vegan dishes made from locally sourced ingredients. The fresh tropical fruit, which comes with pineapples and kiwis, is a must-try!

Follow Safety Protocols When Going Out

If you are spending New Year in Maui, you do not really need to lock yourself in your vacation rental to avoid catching the virus. You can still explore the outdoors, but make sure you follow health and safety protocols. Always wear a mask at all times, carry a hand sanitizer or sanitizing wipes, and maintain a safe distance from other tourists.

Some tourist sites and attractions in Maui might be closed, but there are a few places that you can explore safely. You can never leave Maui without swimming at its beautiful sandy beaches. In South Maui, some of the best beaches to visit are Kihei, Makena Beach State Park, and Wailea. If you’re into golf, Wailea is the best area for you to explore. It’s home to world-famous golf courses and luxury resorts, spanning 1,500 acres of land with staggering ocean views.

Although health experts have discouraged people from traveling this New Year, if you do decide to celebrate in Maui, there are various steps that you can take to lower your risk of Covid-19 transmission while still enjoying your New Year celebration. It’s also important to note that authorities in Maui require all visitors to undergo a mandatory 10-day quarantine. But visitors from within the United States and those coming from Canada and Japan have the option to take a Covid-19 test and avoid quarantine if their result is negative.

Remember that traveling during the pandemic is a personal choice, but always keep in mind that there are risks involved. If you start to develop symptoms, isolate yourself, and call the health authorities immediately. Inform everyone you have interacted with to isolate and get tested.