A common view from our waterfront South Maui Condo RentalsHere at RentalsMaui, we pride ourselves on providing our current and future clientele with the most comprehensive views of our wonderful island home; be they sunset views from the lanai of one of our waterfront Maui condo rentals, or recommendations of the finest restaurants on the South side. One of our favorite ways to get this information out and about: through our regular Maui Vacation Rental Advisor blog. We scour the island for the coolest activities, most enjoyable events, highest ranked sightseeing opportunities, and the best of everything else Maui has to offer. With so much fun on Maui to cover, we have built up quite an archive of fun around the island over the past few months; here’s a few of our current favorites:

Snorkeling on Maui

Maui provides some of the best snorkel locations to be found anywhere in the world; thanks in large part to our steadily warm climate which promotes abundant growth of a beautiful tropical marine ecosystem. Fantastic coral reefs and the many different inhabitants which call them home, make the snorkel scene here a “must experience” during any Maui vacation.

Snuba Maui

Want to jump right in and experience our magical marine ecosystem without the bulky equipment needed for a traditional scuba dive? Try out Snuba diving. Enabling those who want to explore our sands beneath the sea at a more modest depth (up to 20 feet,) snuba provides a perfect alternative to the standard scuba experience by tethering you and your air supply to a raft on the surface, allowing for freer movement at comfortable depths while retaining maximum enjoyment and exploration opportunities!

South Maui Condo Rental Highlights

Our vacation rental programs provide a variety of options when looking for the perfect waterfront condo rental in South Maui. A few of our current favorites profiled: Kihei Bay Vista, Kamaole Sands Resort, Maui Kamaole, and The Grand Champions in Wailea.

Halloween on Maui

It’s that time of year again where ghost and ghouls come out to haunt the streets in search of treats; and you would be hard pressed to find friendlier ghouls than those on Maui! For the first time in years, Maui is once again officially hosting Halloween on Front Street. A big block street party that has been christened the “Mardi Gras of the Pacific,” Halloween in West Maui’s historical Front Street district has always been filled with a fun, friendly atmosphere, and with the County’s official backing, is sure to be one of the best events of 2011!

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