Humpback whales love Maui's tropical ocean, visitors love our beachfron condos!

In the more temperate parts of the Norther Hemisphere the holidays are traditionally indoor affairs with large, elaborate meals at their heart. Many of us have fond memories of homes full of the smells of roasting turkey and freshly baked rolls. Even with winter weather outside the oven and stove kept the kitchen warm and cozy while dinner cooked.

Thankfully, the average temperature for Thanksgiving in South Maui is 78F. Additionally, the Humpback whales have arrived and settled in for the winter. They can be seen throughout the day, spouting, breaching, and slapping their fins. While the sun shines and the surf beckons, many of us have a hard time working up any enthusiasm for spending our holiday in a hot kitchen.

Dawn Patrol on South Maui's warm calm waters, minutes from your South Maui Vacation RentalVisiting Hawaii during the holidays is about making new traditions. Find something your family can enjoy together and do it. You could pack turkey sandwiches and spend a day at the beach, go out for dinner, or barbecue and watch football. Some restaurants and grocery stores will even cook dinner for you, you just have to go pick it up. The cook in your family deserves a vacation too.

That’s not to say that you can’t stay at your lovely ocean view condo and roast turkey, mash potatoes, bake a pie, and make jello salad. Our units are well stocked with all the tools you’ll need to prepare a full turkey dinner and the air conditioning will keep your kitchen pleasantly cool.

Most important is finding time to remember that the holidays are about enjoying your family and being thankful for the people you love. Thanksgiving on a sunny beach in South Maui is sure to make everyone thankful for friends, family, and health. Come to Maui and find the Aloha in a Hawaiian Holiday vacation.