When one thinks of vacationing on Maui, be it at a luxury Wailea vacation rental or affordable Kihei condo, the mind spins with endless thoughts of the many amazingly enjoyable places and activities Maui offers all year round to the lucky visitors and residents of this tropical paradise. From golf atop championship courses in Wailea, to fine dining in Kaanapali, there is definitely no shortage of fantastically fun things to do on Maui. With this fact in mind, one particular activity typically stands out among all others as the very first “must do” upon landing in Maui: hitting the beach!

Regardless of whether or not you have experienced a beach day elsewhere in the world, a trip to one of Maui’s many, many, beautiful beaches is a special experience unto itself. Miles and miles of pristine white sand line Maui’s amazing coastline, kissed 24 hours a day by the warm, gentle blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. To call this experience anything other than “breathtaking” would be an understatement.

As mentioned, there are lots of beaches to explore at every corner of the island, but one which we are particularly fond of can be found just down the road (or, in certain cases, across the street from) your fabulous vacation rental in South Maui: Kamaole Beach Park Three.

More commonly referred to by residents as “Kamaole Three,” this beautiful stretch of sand is perfectly situated at the crossroads of Kihei and Wailea. One of three beaches which share the Kamaole name, Kamaole Three offers generous stretches of gorgeous Maui sand as far as the eye can see, lined by the equally impressive gentle blue water of the Pacific. Take a dip in the warmth of the ocean, stroll along the coast while enjoying the view, or simply pull up a beach chair or towel and sunbathe in the always warm Hawaiian sunshine, Kamaole Three has something for anybody looking for the perfect Maui beach experience. As a bonus, Kamaole Three also includes an expansive park area: great for holding an oceanside picnic or gathering in-between beach sessions.

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