Continuing from our previous installment, here are a few more adventures to consider while on your next Maui vacation:

  1. Adventure: Haleakala
    Where: The tip top of Upcountry Maui
    What’s So Special: Known as the “House of the Sun,” a trip to the summit of Mt. Haleakala treats guests to a unique martian-esque landscape of rich red and brown hues within its (now dormant) volcanic walls. Rising more than 10,000 ft. above sea level, this area also holds the distinction of being one of the few places in Hawaii that sees snow on occasion. ​
    Best Way To Experience: Hop in your car and take a leisurely pre dawn drive up to the summit to experience one of the most amazing sunrise views in the entire world!
  2. Adventure: Maui Zipline​
    Where: Island Wide (most in Upcountry and West Maui.)
    What’s So Special: Soaring high above the tropical landscape of Maui while zipping along a wire is a uniquely freeing and enjoyable experience.
    Best Way To Experience:  Book a tour at any (or all!) of the many Maui Zipline providers and enjoy!
  3. Adventure: Maui Helicopter Tours
    Where: Island Wide
    What’s So Special: Explore the most remotely beautiful parts of the island from the safety of a professionally piloted helicopter.
    Best Way To Experience: Book a “Doors Off” Maui helicopter tour for the perfect “wind in your hair” helicopter adventure.
  4. Adventure: Whale Watching
    Where: Off the South and West coasts of Maui (in season)
    What’s So Special: Every winter, humpback whales make their yearly pilgrimage to the gentle shores of Maui to play, mate, and relax; all while putting on a fantastic show for land based mammals such as ourselves!​
    Best Way To Experience: Whale watching season typically starts in November and carries on through May of the following year. During this time many tours and excursions operate out of Maalaea and West Maui. In addition, many of our beachfront Maui vacation rentals feature prime whale watching views from the comfort of your condo’s lanai!

For those seeking advice on what to do while on your Maui vacation, worry not; these are just a few of the many activities and adventures to be had while on vacation here. Stay tuned for even more fantastic Maui adventures in upcoming blogs. Mahalo!