What would a Maui getaway be without experiencing the tastiest local food? Maui is home to some of the best restaurants in Hawaii, so a holiday to this island won’t be complete without visiting one of its top restaurants.

If you’re staying at a rental property in South Maui, particularly in Kihei, you should check out the South Maui Fish Company food truck. From its name, you can easily guess what they are serving. This is where you will find the tastiest and freshest fish in Kihei since they partnered with some local fishermen who supply them with freshly caught fish every single day. From grilled fish to ceviche and tacos, South Maui Fish Company is the best place to go to satisfy your fish cravings while on a holiday getaway in Maui.

Recently Reopened At Aloha Open Air Market

The South Maui Fish Company has just reopened in its new location, almost six months after temporarily ceasing its operations due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions. Previously, the food truck was right behind the 76 Gas Station in Kihei near the triangle. However, they closed down in March when the pandemic started. They have just reopened at their new location in Aloha Open Air Market at 1794 South Kihei Road, which is easily accessible for those staying in one of the condo rentals in South Kihei, the rentals in North Kihei and Wailea vacation rentals.

After enjoying a sumptuous meal at South Maui Fish Company, take time to explore the farmer’s market. The Aloha Open Air Market has a wide variety of stalls selling fresh local produce like eggs, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and all kinds of fresh produce. If you are staying at a vacation rental with a kitchen, this is a great place to buy fresh ingredients to cook your meals.

Unique Dining Experience with Fresh Local Catch

South Maui Fish Company aims to create a unique dining experience by offering affordable and freshly caught fish that everyone can enjoy. There are already several fish restaurants in Maui, and South Maui Fish Co. would like to stand out from the rest by offering something different. While most restaurants would cook something that’s previously frozen, South Maui Fish Co. would cook fresh catch upon order. If you have a kitchen at your vacation rental in South Maui, you can choose to take the freshly caught fish home and cook it in your kitchen!

The best thing about South Maui Fish Company is that they support the local community by partnering with local fishermen. They take pride in offering the freshest quality of fish, and aside from using fresh daily catch, much of the ingredients they use for cooking is locally sourced produce. They only want to cook high-quality meals for their customers to enjoy without causing much impact on the environment.

Mouthwatering Dishes on Menu

The menu of South Maui Fish Company features a variety of mouth-watering dishes. For starters, the daily poke is worth a try. You can choose from traditional or spicy, or you can get half of each in one bowl. Their “Off the Grill” menu is a favorite among their loyal customers. These are freshly caught fish grilled to perfection. You can choose from different kinds of fish, such as Mahi, Ahi, or Striped Marlin. But their menu changes depending on what their fisherman supplies them for the day.

The tacos stuffed with fresh fish and served with special sauce and their signature slaw made of pineapple coconut milk are a popular dish on their menu. Check out the fish plates as well, which is a generous serving of fresh fish along with rice and their signature slaw. If you’re dining here with the kids or anyone who does not like fish, you can get them the grilled hotdogs.

South Maui Fish Co is also famous for its Daily Specials and Take Away Fillets. Their daily specials would vary, but the most popular are curry, ceviche, and smoked fish dip. They also sell fresh fish fillets to take and cook at your vacation rental in Maui. You can also buy an assortment of oils, sauces, and seasonings for the fillet and get free advice on the best way to prepare it. This is what makes South Maui Fish Company unique.

Friendly Service and Welcoming Ambiance

The high quality of food at South Maui Fish Company is accompanied by great service. You will be welcomed with a friendly smile, and the staff is always willing to exchange kind words with everyone, especially if they learn that you are on vacation in Maui. They would be happy to offer recommendations if you do not know what to order, which makes a more pleasant dining experience.

There are a few tables adjacent to the truck where you can dine and enjoy your meals. However, it can sometimes be crowded. Most visitors would take out their lunches and dinners to eat back at their vacation rental.

So, if you are looking to try something different on your vacation in Maui, the South Maui Fish Company is the best place to be!