If you love the water and want to get a closer look at the amazing marine life of Maui and Molokini, then dive into Snuba.

There are a few different tour companies that offer Snuba tours. Often, these companies also offer snorkel tours, scuba diving tours, and scuba diving certification. Some, like Shoreline Snuba, offer Snuba tours from the beach or as an add on to a snorkel cruise.

Snuba diving allows swimmers to explore up to 20 feet below the surface without having to become certified and without carrying the heavy equipment associated with scuba diving. Most snuba tours begin with a short class, usually about half an hour, after which a guide in full scuba gear will guide you on a tour of the local reef formations and marine wildlife. Another great feature of Snuba is that children as young as 8 can participate right along with their parents, unlike scuba diving where the minimum age for certification is 10.

Snuba divers wear a weight belt to control their buoyancy and a simple harness attaching them to their breathing apparatus. The snuba mask is attached to a 20 foot airline and an air tank which floats in a raft on the surface. The raft follows you through the water as you explore at whatever depth you are most comfortable at (up to 20 feet).

If you’d like to try Snuba, you can add it to a Molokini snorkel cruise from Maalaea Harbor if you book with Maui Classic Charters or Kai Kanani Sailing Charters. Both of these charters work with Shoreline Snuba, which was named the top Snuba tour operation in the world in 2010. Maalaea Harbor is just minutes from our Kihei Maui rentals.

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