Once again, the holiday season is upon us. While some may be enjoying a bit snow, wind, and other chilly winter weather, here on Maui everyday is another day to enjoy surf, sand, and sunshine mere steps away from your relaxing South Maui vacation condo. An important fact to remember; during these winter months, we humans are not the only ones to visit Maui for its warm Pacific waters. While we dip our toes in Wailea’s warm white sand beaches, just offshore are some of our islands most celebrated visitors: humpback whales!

Starting from late October/early November, these amazing creatures begin to make their way to the warmth of our coastal waters; traveling (like some of us) from the cool waters of Alaska to the shores of Maui together in large groups (known as pods,) to relax, mate, and generally have a wonderful time in Hawaii just as you and I would. During their time here (which peaks around February and can continue well into April or May) its not uncommon to catch a glimpse of these magnificent creatures from the lanai of your Maui vacation rental as they swim, jump, and splash in the waters just off our coastline. And while watching whales from the shore is certainly a sight to see in itself, there are also many whale watch tours on Maui which allow for a close up view of adult and baby humpbacks throughout their time here.

If you haven’t already, book your Maui vacation rental today and come see the wonder that is whale watching on Maui for yourself!